Zippel, Professor Hochschule 21 gGmbH

Talare: Prof. Dr. Sabine Zippel
Titel: Prof./hochschule 21 gGmbH and owner/ SZm

”I’m looking forward to exchanging and developing new ideas on an international level for the best result on the future living conditions of the older generation.”

Presentation 2016:
Framtidens byggande, boende och ägarskap
Developed a housing model, where different generations can develop, build, operate and own a house with various flats beeing supported by an external operator. The occupants/owners, depending upon their ability and interest can bring different skills and services to the community. For example child care, shopping support, car lifts, etc. This model works well in bigger cities and for societies where people have to be flexible and move several times for jobs and therefore have no extended family which can offer a support network.

Research in multigeneration living as well as in creating living areas where elderly people can life an active and while growing older in grace.

Hochschule 21 gGmbH university offers the unique possibility to have three different faculties sharing one idea: AAL (ambient assisted living). AAL is a interdisciplinary research program being performed by the faculty of health (physiotherapie and geriatry) as a well as mechactronics (including robotics) and the faculty of build environment (herein architects, civil engineers and building economics). This program is about: how to support people, who want to stay in their homes, but living in country side.